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Bloomer Plastics Inc.'s Cast Polypropylene Films are manufactured to customer specifications: Monolayer, Coextruded, and Extrusion Coated to various substrates. We offer multiple emboss patterns, widths from 2.5" to 84", and thicknesses from 1-30 mils. Our PP film is produced in natural and various colors. BPI will perform custom color matches if your application warrants.

We engineer our films to meet your specific needs. View our various PP film typical value sheets to see if our PP Films will work for your application.

Our PP Films are currently used in a variety of markets from Notebook Covers to Food Packaging to the Automotive and Construction industries. PP can be treated for ink adhesion for printing. BPI can corona treat one or both sides of the material to enhance the surface for your application.

Why do our customers choose PP over PE? Cast PP offers some distinct advantages over PE: high crystalline nature, higher heat resistance, greater modulus, increased solvent resistance, superior hydroscopic characteristics, and better dimension stability.

Cast Embossed PP Film Properties and Application Uses:


  • High stiffness
    High tensile strength
    High impact resistance
  • High heat resistance (melt up to 160℃)
    Good wear / abrasion resistance
    VOC barrier

Ideal Applications:

  • Vacuum packaging
    Food packaging
    Medical and healthcare applications
    Industrial applications
  • Pouches or bags
    Release liner
    Automotive applications

Width: Min / Max:

  • Mono LayerPP: 2.5" / 84 "
  • Coextrusion with PP: 12" - 36" & 55" - 72"

Thickness: Min / Max:

  • Mono LayerPP: 1 Mil / 30.0 Mil
  • Coextrusion with PP: 2 Mil / 30 Mil

Corona Treat:

  • Mono LayerPP: Yes
  • Coextrusion with PP: Yes

Layer Thickness

  • Mono LayerPP: N/A
  • Coextrusion with PP: 20 - 40%

Layer Structures:

  • Mono LayerPP: N/A
  • Coextrusion with PP: B-A-B, A-B-A, or B-B-A

Melt Temp:

  • Mono LayerPP: 140-160℃ / 285-325℉
  • Coextrusion with PP: N/A

BPI offers 4 types of PP Films:

Homopolymer PP

  • Homopolymer Typical Value Sheet(PDF - 00KB)
    Stiffest PP
    Poor impact at low temps
  • Not suited for applications below normal refrigeration melt temp
    Melt temp - 164℃

Random Copolymer PP

Impact Copolymer PP


  • Metallocene Typical Value Sheet(PDF - 00KB)
    Able to down gauge
    Thinnest PP available
  • Lower melt temp 146℃
    Better organoleptic performance melt point Good heat sealing

Standard lead time for Cast Embossed PP Film is currently 3 weeks or less.

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